ENJOY FRESH SUSHI We have strong preference for seafood

Sushitomi keeps a restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo. The city is famous for Tsukiji-sijyou the largest class wholesale market in the world. Sushitomi is a sushi restaurant that is managed by a intermediate wholesaler specialized in tuna at the market.

Its freshness and quality is the best, because it's selected by an intermediate wholesaler who is a specialist in fresh seafoods. Not just tuna, you can enjoy the prime taste of white fish, blueback fish, shellfish, and more.

We will be preparing the best quality and fresh Edomae Sushi and waiting for your visit. We're looking forward to your coming from the heart.

nigiri tuna

Feature Menu

fresh fish and seafood items.

  • nigiri omakase
  • nigiri sushitomi
  • nigiri magurodukushi
  • nigiri ume
  • kaisen-don tsukiji
  • tennen honmaguro tekka-don


Reservation can be made by phone.
1st floor has counter seats.
2nd floor has table seats.
Private reservation of both floors can be available.
Please feel free to ask.

Reception time AM 10:00 ~ PM 9:00